Proficient at bridging the gap between mathematics and computer science, particularly in business and prototypical environments with statistics and machine learning applications. Currently holding two positions as an independent data scientist and as a mathematician for the University of Colorado, Denver.

Technical experience spans decades and includes nearly every modern computing language, emphasizing those with statistical and machine learning applications. Average time for basic proficiency in a new language is less than 72 hours.

Comprehensive data science and machine learning portfolio, impacting thousands of users.

Strong mathematics background with relevant experience in advanced statistical theory, probability, and econometrics.

Strong computing background with relevant experience in data mining, machine learning, database administration.

Triple major, double minor, valedictorian graduate (with triple honors). Currently attending graduate school for Statistics at Texas A&M's distance program.

Current position as a statistician and researcher offers experience in researching, extracting, preparing, and modeling data. Research is scheduled to be submitted for publication by the end of summer 2018.

Decorated and honorably discharged U.S. Air Force veteran.



Data Scientist (Denver, CO)

Independent/contract Data Scientist and Computational Statistician
2013 -- Pres.

Author of over 25 data science-, machine learning-, mathematics-, and business-related projects which have cumulatively impacted over 4,000 users throughout Stack Exchange and GitHub. Projects include:

  • A freely available artificial neural network designed to predict the following day's S&P500 closing price to within 5%. This project is complete but not ready for publication; will be published by the end of summer 2018.
  • A freely available K-Means algorithm of my own design (a pivotal building block in machine learning), competitive benchmarked.
  • A freely available cluster generator of my own design. This flexible generator can produce massive, randomly generated data sets distributed to the user's custom specifications.
  • Multiple data stories for various organizations and software firms - most recent case study examines pricing environment in cutting edge software development.

Mathematician & Clinical Investigator/Researcher (Denver, CO)

University of Colorado, Denver
2013 -- Pres.

Graduate researcher for Prof. Stephanie Santorico, Ph.D., producing a complex latent class analysis of vitiligo, a widespread skin disease. Research is scheduled for publication submission Summer of 2018. Additional university roles:

  • Reformulated the university's entire business statistics and analytics program from the ground up, digitizing nearly every element of the courseware. Reduced instructor workload from 25 hours per week to 15 minutes.
  • Operated as the sole supplemental instruction (SI) facilitator in mathematics. SI maintains a strong history of improving student grades and retention in classes with notoriously high attrition rates.
  • One of less than 100 College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) certified master tutors in Mathematics in Colorado. CRLA’s tutor training program certification process sets an internationally accepted standard of skills and training for tutors.

United Airlines (Denver, CO)

Internationally Certified Flight Attendant
2008 -- 2013

United States Air Force (Denver, CO)

Lead Network Intelligence Analyst
2004 -- 2006

Acquired and analyzed intelligence data, fusing of signals with other intelligence disciplines, and developed reports in response to international security needs:

  • Operated in a leadership capacity by directing analysis of other reporters to support the real-time needs of tactical and strategic customers.
  • Developed a detailed network of real-time data filters in conjunction with active database utilities to improve overall mission efficiency by 70% through the reduction of redundant and erroneous data.
  • Enforced a highly strategic decision-making process and implemented commands based on ancillary requirements in order to meet the real-time needs of military operations and exercises, as well as tactical war fighters.

Korean Linguist
2002 -- 2006

  • Graduate of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Fluency in Korean was achieved through consistent immersion with native linguists and elimination of English use throughout the course.
  • Operated as one of the few (possibly the only) Korean certified Network Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Military from 2004 to 2006.

Technical Experience

Preferred Languages and Applications

R, Python, Tableau, C++


Access, C, C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, MATLab, PHP, SAS, SQL, Stata, VBA


  • Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program
  • CompTIA Security+
  • SAS Certified Base Programmer (SAS 9)
  • Certificate of Completion, Korean Language Immersion Program

  • Various CITI Program Certifications:

    • (Group 1) Biomedical Investigator 

    • CITI Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) for Clinical Investigators

    • Biomedical Responsible Conduct of Research

Applications and Services

GitHub, GnuCash, Gretl, Office, PHPMyAdmin, Proxy (setup and usage), Quickbooks, Stack Exchange Code Review (rated 180+), VMWare/VirtualBox, VPN (setup and usage), Wireshark


  • Udemy -- Data Science A-Z: Real-Life Data Science
  • Udemy -- Machine Learning A-Z:  Hands-On Python & R in Data Science
  • Udemy -- The Complete Ethical Hacking Course:  Beginner to Advanced


  • SAS Global Forum 2018 Attendee
    • Session(s) Attended:
      • Think Like a Data Storyteller
      • Academic Summit: Changing the Future of Data Science and Analytics
      • General Session: Technology Connection

      • Academic Summit With Temple Grandin


Pro Bono Tutor in Mathematics  (2013 -- Present)

Performed over 2,000 hours of volunteer service in both the Denver community and via remote sessions.

Beta Gamma Sigma  (2013 -- Present)

Honor society inductee; Vice President, Denver Chapter (2013 -- 2014).

Golden Key Honour Society  (2013 -- Present)

Honor society inductee.

Student Fee Review Committee  (2013 -- 2014)

Held a voting member position at the University of Colorado Denver. This committee was established to analyze, review, and regulate student fees charged to all students enrolled at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Information Systems Association  (2013)

Operated as Vice President of Communications for this student organization.

Veteran Affairs  (2012 -- 2013)

Operated as the senior veteran services representative at the Community College of Denver, requiring in-depth knowledge of the higher-education system in Colorado and how veteran benefits can be used in combination with supplemental packages provided by the U.S. Government to better serve veterans.